How to Serge Your Own Wired Ribbon

Wired ribbon is expensive unless you make it yourself. If you have a serger you can make wired ribbon of any width, from any fabric. The ribbon can be made with matching or contrasting edges. Wired ribbon can be used to make large, fluffy bows on packages or flower arrangements. It can also be used to make nicely shaped small bows. You can also add a wired edge to purchased ribbon


Things You’ll Need:
Wire, 26 gauge

Step 1
Cut strips of fabric the desired width of your ribbon. Sew the strips together until you have a strip of fabric the length you desire. You may also use ready-made ribbon.

Step 2
Set up your serger to make a rolled edge hem. Decrease your stitch length slightly so you will have more thread on the edge of the ribbon. If you have a hole in your serger foot for a base thread, run your wire through it. Otherwise just hold the wire near the edge of the fabric strip.

Step 3
Sew slowly along the edge of the ribbon, allowing the serger to encase the wire in the rolled hem. You will need to feed the wire into the machine as you sew.

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